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The Basics


Chick-fil-a Sauce

Chance the Rapper

The State of Virginia 

Clemson Football

UX/UI Design

My 1,228 song 2000s Throwback Spotify Playlist

Modern Art Museums 

Spending hours on TikTok

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" - Kanye West

Chipotle Bowls 

Jean Overalls

Adobe Creative Cloud

March Madness

Sweet Tea

Twitter Memes

Photographing Friends


"Fireflies" - Owl City

The University of Alabama

Peanut Butter

Anything that Slithers

The Smell Of Burnt Popcorn 



I consider myself a problem-solver. Whether big or small, I love delving into the small details in order to create a more through big picture. 


I have a sturdy background in digital/social media and graphic design where I've prided myself on my ability to adapt to different professional environments. My ultimate career goals align best with those in an digital space, as I've fallen in love with the potential to impact the way a brand reaches its client through web design, social media strategy, and UX/UI. 


Specifically, design comes instinctively to me because I put the consumer at the forefront of what I do and I frequently utilize data and analytics to back my reasonings. I work proficiently in group settings and have a strong desire to hear alternate points of view. When tasked with decision making, I remain cool under pressure and strive to make the best collective decision. 


If you'd like to chat, I jump at the opportunity to meet new people and connect over commonalities!


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